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Parking Today features more viewers then any other parking industry site. Our significant online presence offers your company access to parking industry readers with Parking Today's website and e-newsletters. Brand your company through the use of video, banner ads, articles or come directly into their email box with an ad in the e-newsletter. Check out all the opportunities below. For even more information, email Marcy Sparrow, or call 310-390-5277 ext 3.

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Banner and Skyscraper Ads
Be seen on every page within the PT website. Your monthly cost of $450 includes the Banner ad (468x60 pixels) which rotates every 9-10 seconds with other banners, and a Skyscraper ad (120x600 pixels) which is a static ad which stays on the page until the page is refreshed or the viewer moves to a new page. Viewers can click on either ad and go directly to your website. Only 20 ads are allowed each month. With over 18,000 visits each month, your company is sure to make an impression. Purchase both the Banner and Skyscraper ads for only $450 per month.

Video Ads
With the popularity of online videos growing, you too can have your video viewed by thousands of Parking Today web site visitors. Place your promotional video on PT's homepage with links to PT's Video Showcase. For $600 per month, you can ensure that people are seeing and hearing everything your company has to offer. Be 1 of only 4 videos in rotation.

Online Articles
Promote your company and products with featured editorial on Parking Today. A 800-1000 word article written by your company (or Parking Today at no extra charge) including photos, video and links to your site. For only $400 per month or $1000 for 3 months, your article is prominently featured on PT's homepage. Use editorial to highlight a new product or to show a new project. Only two articles allowed each month so this is an exclusive offering.

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E-Newsletter Banner Ads

The PT E-Newsletter goes out once a month to Parking Today's subscriber list of over 9,000 readers. For only $500 per e-newsletter, your banner ad takes center stage along with the months latest news as reported in Parking Today. When viewers click to learn more they will be taken to your website.

E-Newsletter Sponsor

Sponsors receive recognition at the top of each e-newsletter with a link to your site. For only $350 per e-newsletter, your company is featured as this months sponsor. One sponsor per e-newsletter. Only $350 per insertion.

To get more information or to begin marketing your company today, email Marcy Sparrow, or call 310-390-5277 ext 3.

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