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Articles from January, 2003.

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Adventures in revenue control on campus: How a University Approached the Revenue Control Problem

Diana Perey and Bob Johnson

In these tight economic times, revenue control has become more critical than ever...

An Operator Speaks His Mind...Has The Era of the Cigar Box Finally Come to an End?

Years ago when you parked, you pulled into a parking lot and the attendant issued you a ticket; if you wanted a receipt, he pulled a piece of the ticket from the drawer or off your car and hand wrote a receipt...

Buying a System? Advice from Someone with Experience

Jim Eversman

Your parking access and revenue control system is old...

Can revenue control systems be convenient?

Thomas H. Rollo

Increased competition...

It probably happened just like this: "Thanks for Those Stinking Tickets, Giuseppe!"

Jeff Fitzwilliams

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you expected...

Lexington Bluegrass Airport Parking Deck

Appearance was almost as important as security when the
Lexington Bluegrass Airport constructed its new 500-vehicle parking deck...

License Plate Reading for revenue control and more!

Pierre Hubert

Revenue control has long been a key concern in the parking industry...

Mining Data from your Revenue Control System

Data mining ...

Reflections on revenue control

A personal journey by John Lovell

I remember the first time I heard the term "revenue control...

Revenue Control, the Weather and a Happy New Year

John Van Horn

Wow! I have just finished reading the articles on revenue control that you will find in this month's PT...

Standards and the Parking Industry... Round One

Robert Milner

Someone asked me if I thought the parking industry would ever adopt some type of standards with regards to such areas as cleanliness, maintenance, training, security, etc...

The Information Technology Revolution in the Parking Industry

Brian McGann

The last 15 years in the parking industry have seen a revolution from a preponderance of "cigar-box" operations to a high technology, increasingly automated business...

The procedure book: Technology Aside, You Still Have People

Robert Harkins

Others said it best, "If we don't know where we are going, any road will get us there...

The revenue control ordinance in San Francisco

Dave Frieders

The San Francisco parking ordinance ultimately came into existence because customers were not being provided receipts, paid fees were being pilfered, unnecessary fines were assessed, cars were being towed unfairly and tax revenue due to the City & County of San Francisco was reported inaccurately... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER