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Articles from January, 2008.

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Client Comfort During Restoration: “What Should the Owner Do?”

Sunil Puri

This is the second installment of a two-part article...

Jingle Hells

Melissa Bean Sterzick

Ah, the holiday season, a time of peace and generosity, parties and pies, traditions and family gatherings...

Opinion: The Third Party


On PT’s Parking Blog, I have been railing about the problems of putting market-based on-street pricing into effect, particularly in communities around colleges and universities where residential neighborhoods run right up against the school and the students and faculty park there rather than in university lots...

Outside Forces Make Parking Systems Better

John Van Horn

The parking revenue control industry has reacted to outside pressures, helping it begin to “clean up its act...

P3 – The Partnership That Joins Public and Private Sectors

Charlie Munn

P3s or PPPs: What Are They? Public-Private Partnerships, also known as PPPs or P3s, are joint ventures between the public and private sectors wherein governments leverage the financing capacity and expertise of the private sector to accomplish a public purpose...

The Brit Takes on the Editor – And the Irish

Peter Guest

In a recent Parking Today blog entry, JVH criticized UK authorities for ticketing vehicles that were loading and unloading...

Thieves, Kalamazoo, BlackBerry, Fresno and Rage

John Van Horn

Here’s proof positive that thieves are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier...

“Envelope Technology” and the Story of the “Never-Changing Password”

Oded Valin

Sometimes when I look at envelopes, I understand technology...

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