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Articles from January, 2010.

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100 Years of Printing

"My wife’s grandfather, Grant Northrup, started the company in 1910,” said Roy Carter, President of Toledo Ticket...

A Curmudgeon in the Parking Business – Not Possible

By Peter Guest

JVH tells me I am a curmudgeon...

All This From Good Mexican Food and Tequila?


What is that damn ringing sound? Oh, the alarm – 6 a...

Charge for Parking: A Major Policy Step for Glendale, CA

By Michael Kodama

A Southern California city’s new approach to parking relies on an innovative management program that uses existing on- and off-street parking in a more comprehensive and integrated approach...

Chicago’s Parking Meter Privatization Breaks New Ground

By Leonard Gilroy

Not long ago, few industry observers would have predicted that municipal parking meter systems would become a hot investment opportunity for private equity and institutional investors looking to invest in public infrastructure projects...

From the NPA

John, I just received the electronic version of Parking Today and was also able to listen to your personal comments about the National Parking Association’s “Parking Show of Shows” and the “House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage” exhibit at the National Building Museum here in DC...

International Conferences Fill the Fall in Manila, Abu Dhabi and Sao Paulo

Philippine International Parking Expo The first-ever parking conference in the Philippines took place in late October in Manila...

No Parking Like Snow Parking

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

The temperatures have dipped here in the Los Angeles area, and I have stopped wearing flip-flops and traded my T-shirts for a light sweater...

Snow, Chicago, GM and Abu Dhabi

By John Van Horn

Every year, cities across the snow belt let their citizens know that effective on a certain date (usually Dec...

Status of Automated Vehicle Storage Systems in the U.S.

By Don Monahan

After completion of the first two fully-automated vehicle storage systems in mid-to-late 2002 (in Hoboken, NJ, and Washington, DC), it took another five years before the third system was completed in the U...

Tracking Tools Key to Successful Valet Operation

By Mine Gulec

A valet parking operation has many opportunities to interface with customers, and each interaction is an important part of the experience...

‘And the Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves ...’

I have been talking with owners and operators across the country, and here are some tidbits I picked up: An operator received the bid to run a major large garage in a Midwestern city... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER