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Articles from February, 2004.

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Accidents, Middle Earth, Eli's, Sausalito and Philip Marlowe

John Van Horn

I have been asked why PT hasn't reported in detail on the construction accident that occurred last November at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ...

AVI: Ease of Use vs. Increased System Complexity

Michael H. Bigbee

Editor's note: This is Part I of a two-part series on the benefits versus the increased integration requirements of using AVI / RFID (Automatic Vehicle Identification/Radio Frequency IDentification)...

Does Anyone Have An Extra Pen?

Robert Milner

Customers patronize businesses for a number of reasons: convenience, service, price, selection or loyalty, to name but a few...

Mobile Technology Works ...Even in a Small Town

Steve Campbell

With a population of just 18,000 people, it's hard to believe the seaside retirement city of White Rock, BC, Canada, has been using mobile parking technology to enforce street parking laws since 1991...

On Street Parking: It Really Is A Business

Patrick Ryan

Downtowns across America are facing a difficult challenge; How to remain attractive and relevant places to work, shop and do business on an ever-shrinking city budget; How to compete against office parks and mega-malls for fewer available consumer and business dollars...

Opinion Piece Mulls On-Street Parking Permits

Editor's note: A recent opinion piece on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times ponders residential permit parking in the Big Apple...

Single-Space Meters vs. Pay-and-Display Systems

Felicia Martin

To understand where single-space technology is the proper solution, one should look at why pay-and-display technology has become popular...

Temporary Lighting for Super Bowl XXXVII Parking

San Diego buzzed with football last January...

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