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Articles from February, 2008.

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Cash Checks and Walk Away with Bucks

PT the Auditor

Garages that have both daily and monthly parkers (read that most of them) have a potential problem that needs regular attention...

Citations: You Can Collect Them All

Dan Howald

If you’re not doing better than you were five years ago, it’s time to take action...

Driving Economic Development with Proactive Parking Management

Whitney Dean

Compact downtown districts can pose several challenges to city managers and administrators...

Looking Back at Parking: 80 Years Makes a Difference

Melissa Bean Sterzick

Parking in 2008 won’t be much different from parking in 2007, but what if we compared today’s trends with 1930? Drivers back then had more to worry about than finding parking...

Municipal Parking for the 21st Century

James O’Connell

Over the past 70 years, technology has played a vital role in the evolution of municipal parking...

Small Community, Big Parking Ideas

Nichole Robinson

Increased commercial development in the central business district of the suburban-Chicago community of La Grange, IL, created a demand for additional convenient parking...

Snow Days, Parking Violence, and Miami Beach

John Van Horn

The recent blizzards in the Central Plains and the Northeast have caused the cities to institute parking bans...

The Most Expensive Big Mac in the World?

Peter Guest

Fast food has taken on a whole new meaning here in the UK...

‘Parking Wars’: The TV Reality Show

Melissa Bean Sterzick

I thought I’d heard everything until I read about the latest reality TV show: A&E’s “Parking Wars...

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