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Articles from February, 2009.

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Henry Hudson Paid to Park; His Legacy Survives Today

By Michael Klein

This year, Albany, NY, will celebrate the 400th anniversary of being founded by Capt...

I Want My Free Parking

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

If I am more than an amateur in any specific parking area, it is in on-street parking...

Remaining "Service-Focused" in Tough Economic Times

By Joe Sciulli

The phone rings: "How much more can you give me from the parking program?" comes the voice from the other end...

Replacement for Coins, or More?

By John Regan

For years, the parking industry has offered smart cards as an alternative to feeding meters...

SF, NYC, Jackson and ‘Three Little Words’

By John Van Horn

Periodically, on my Parking Today blog, I give a Baghdad by the Bay award to the organization that makes the most boneheaded parking decisions...

The Price of Parking on a Great Street

By Donald Shoup

How can curb parking contribute to making a street great? A city can (1) charge performance-based prices for curb parking and (2) return the revenue to the metered districts to pay for added public services...

The Ultimate Punishment – Termination

My job is like cop and court rolled into one...

Tough Times Call for Smart Technologies

By Neil Podmore

The past few years have seen the evolution of pay-by-cell technology from small-scale trials to cost-effective revenue control solution deployed in major cities around the world...

What We Saw Was Impossible


Private investigator Paul Manning found a dead woman in the trunk of a car blocking his in the stack parking lot at the Hollywood Bowl...

Why Multi-Space Parking Meters?

By Dan Kupferman

Oklahoma City had an unusual problem back in 1935...

Woolworths, ITS and Rushmoor (no, not the Mount)...

By Peter Guest

It’s the beginning of a new year and traditionally a time for reflecting on the old year... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER