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Articles from March, 2004.

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An Imperial Sellout

Bill Mann

Reprinted by special arrangement between the Motley Fool www...

Bonded Post-Tensioning System Minimizes Maintenance for Garages

John Crigler and Don Kline

To build a multi-level garage costs about $7,000 per space, according to the International Parking Institute...

Denver International Airport

John Van Horn

Dorothy L...

Historic Preservations, Bankers And 15 Minutes of Fame

John Van Horn

Well, they are after us again, and now it's the nonprofit Advertising Council...

Insurance -- I Can Save You Big Bucks...Maybe

Insurance ...

Marketing Makes a Difference

John Van Horn

When you want to park at Denver International Airport (DIA), you have two choices: on- and off-airport...

Park-and-Ride Parking -- Some Find It Simple, Some Complex

John Van Horn

Park-and-ride parking started as an uncomplicated process in the villages of Deerfield and Palatine, IL, and Suffern, NY...

The Customer Is Always Right?

Greg Leean

Now retired for more than a year and a half from daily operations of large public parking facilities, I believe enough time has passed to recall some of the amazing customer encounters I've had...

The Stacker Cranes -- a Good Solution For Parking in Large Urban Areas

Vikenti Spassov and Krasimir Krastanov and Delian Tonev

In recent years, a parking problem has become an ever more frequent topic of discussion...

What Goes Around Comes Around in Real Time

Joe Wenzl

With the ever-increasing speed and efficiencies being realized with today's technology, it has become feasible to envision and realize a true enterprise-wide parking and access control system...

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