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Articles from March, 2008.

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Cut Your Costs – Here’s a Foolproof Way

Kathy Phillips

Kathy Phillips is the “go to” expert on parking facility insurance...

Fear of Parking

Randy I. Atlas

Randy Atlas will expand on security issues in parking facilities in his presentation at the Parking Industry Exhibition to be held the end of March in Chicago...

Hoboken Automated Garage ReOpens Amid Fanfare

The trouble-plagued automated garage in Hoboken, NJ, reopened in December and was formally acknowledged at a ceremony in mid-January...

Laugh ... I Thought I’d Never Start

Peter Guest

Peter Guest will be speaking at the Parking Industry Exhibition in Chicago...

Look Before You Buy

Greggrey G. Cohen and Michael L. Brainerd

Decisions regarding the purchase of commercial property are typically based, in part, on the findings from a pre-purchase condition assessment of the property...

One Man Did All This? Plus Casper and PIE

John Van Horn

I had breakfast the other day with a consultant and two of his staff, one of whom was the former head of the fraud squad at a major police department and the other who at one time ran the parking for one of the largest building owners in the U...

Parking Meter Revenues Are Fair Game

Larry Donoghue

Larry Donoghue is a parking industry legend and a featured speaker at the Parking Industry Exhibition that begins March 30 in Chicago...

Public Policy Boring? Not When it Involves Parking

Barbara Chance

“There is nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don’t know...

The Lure of the Lot

Melissa Bean Sterzick

Melissa will be speaking on her favorite subject, amateur parking, at the Parking Industry Exhibition at the end of March in Chicago...

The Newbie and the Old Dowager

A developer in a major West Coast city asked me to look at a parking garage he had purchased...

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