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Articles from March, 2012.

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A Franchise – He Does Lines

By John Van Horn

Tom Cox spent 26 years in the hospitality industry...

Charging Stations – Yes or No?


On my Parking Today Blog, I have posited that being “green” is reasonable when it is also good business...

Data Security? I Thought I Was in the Parking Business

By Grant Dawson and Carol Pferrer

Security in your parking operation is now much more than a camera or gate...

Let Them Out! Free of Charge!

As parking becomes more complex and we begin to market our garages in different ways, we add products that we can sell to potential customers...

Parking Dealt Winning Hand in Las Vegas

One of the newest resort-hotel-casinos in Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan, hosts one of the newest advances in the parking business – a full-blown parking guidance system (PGS)...

RFID – Manage Your Valet Lot More Efficiently

By Yedidia Blonder

RFID (radio frequency identification) is offering a new way to efficiently manage parking lots, enabling a dramatic cut in the time and costs of locating and mobilizing cars...

SFpark, My People and Your People, Egalitarian Parking

By John Van Horn

I know it’s a tad soon for this conversation...

They Love to Drive – He Provides Places to Park

By John Van Horn

“We have 20,000 spaces and park 10 million cars a year...

Use These Guidelines to Safeguard Employees, Customers & Operations

By Heather Sieber

While most parking operators and managers usually have procedures in place to handle various emergency situations, it’s always important to reinforce the basics for your team members...

Will This Company Need a Passport?

By John Van Horn

It is our policy at Parking Today not to do articles on companies that have no product in the field...

Women are Better Parkers Than Men

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

The battle of the sexes is a war that will never end...

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