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Articles from April, 2004.

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A Survival Guide: Are You Going to Be The Last One Standing?

Dennis F. Haley and Ed Ruggero

Sometimes managers feel like the last of a dying breed...

Bomb-Resistant Trash Receptacles Mitigate Effects of Terrorist Attacks

Kelly M. Herzog

Blast-mitigation devices such as bomb-resistant receptacles are being deployed to replace one of the softest terrorist targets, trash receptacles...

Ease of Use vs. Increased System Complexity

Michael H. Bigbee

Part II of a two-part series on the benefits versus the increased integration requirements of using AVI RFID (automatic vehicle identification radio frequency identification)...

It'll Be Revenue Control Wednesday As The Big Guns Come out at Parking Conference

John Van Horn

Billed as "four solid hours of revenue control," the Wednesday session of the Conference of Parking Management and Technology, held in conjunction with the Parking Industry Exhibition, promises to be just what you need if you have any revenue control issues...

It's a Legendary Parking Industry Story

John Van Horn, Editor, Parking Today

It sounds like a typical parking story: Theft is discovered...

MBAs, Politicians and 'Theft'

John Van Horn

One of the nice things about being your own boss is that you can write about most anything...

Meter's Expired

John Anderson

Editor's note: The following is a graduate student paper written by an Xavier University MBA student...

Pacific Grove Gets 'Smart' Parking Meters

Pacific Grove, CA, recently joined the ranks of cities operating parking meters...

Personal In-Car Parking Meters

Karen Hupe and Brice Holland

As cities continue their urban growth -- and the number of vehicles continues to escalate -- and as colleges with their concentrated land areas keep adding more students and more buildings, one issue presents an ongoing challenge for cities and campuses alike: parking...

Who will be drafted first this year ...

Robert Milner

With the essence of spring in the air, the mind-set of faithful baseball fans begins to descend upon a "fresh" new start...

Why Managers Can't Increase Productivity -- And What You Can Do

Terri Levine, MCC, PCC, MS, CCC-SLP

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