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Articles from April, 2005.

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Airport Structures Require Creative Designs for Increasing Demand

George Hibbs, AIA

Clarke Caton Hintz, an architectural, planning, and landscape architecture firm was selected by the Port Authority of NY & NJ and Continental Airlines to design a new garage at Terminal C to help accommodate ever increasing demands for parking at Newark Liberty International Airport...

An interview with Toronto's Maurice Anderson

John Van Horn

Editor's Note: Chatting with Maurice Anderson, head of the Toronto Parking Authority, is like talking to your favorite uncle...

AVI: The Next Generation

John Van Horn

It's called Supply Chain Management and it's taking automatic vehicle identification (AVI) in a new direction...

Fabric Shade Systems For Airport Parking: 'Changing The Mind-Set Of An Industry'

Jay Jensen

While the United States has been slow to use fabric structures to cover parking lots, they are beginning to appear all over the country at long-term parking at airports...

Is an Alternative Payment System a Way to 'Mint' Money?

John Van Horn

You can pay for your parking by cash, credit card or debit card...

Parking Facility Lighting

Paul C. Box

This is the first of two articles on lighting by Paul Box...

Pay and Display VS Pay by Space

Editor, Parking Today:

Referencing the article "On-Street Parking: A Primer"...

point of view

h, the Internet...

PT Web Is the Center of Parking on the Internet

Parking Today's web site has been upgraded to PT Web and now has virtually all features Internet users have come to expect from 21st century companies...

The True Cost of Accepting Credit Cards

I know you think I'm chasing this cat too much, but credit cards and parking is relatively new, and auditing the process is important...

We Say Car Park - They Say Parking Lot'

Editor's Note: The following article is taken from Parking News, the UK's parking bible and house organ of the British Parking Association...

What Is and What May Be in Airport Parking Revenue Control Technology

Joe Wenzl

Parking is an essential element in today's transportation market, requiring the combined efficiencies of controlled vehicle throughput, security and revenue control to coalesce into a unified and synchronous system... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER