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Articles from April, 2008.

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An Auditor Cares About the Color of the Office Walls?

I have noticed in my travels that the attitude of parking facility staff changes from location to location...

Effortless Expansion – Design Foresight Keeps Garage Open During Construction

Brian Lozano and Jacob Gonzalez

In summer 2005, Harris County, TX, was in the midst of constructing its $90 million Harris County Civil Justice Center in the heart of downtown Houston at the busy corner of Congress and Austin streets...

Is the Current Financial Scene Good or Bad for U.S. Manufacturers?

John Van Horn

This article was written for Parking News, the magazine of the British Parking Association, and is reprinted here by permission...

License Plate Recognition:Vision-Based Parking Management

Meta Rotenberg and Miriam Silva

The necessity to streamline the ongoing work of parking lots has resulted in the adoption of optical technology, integrating it into sophisticated parking systems...

Nation’s Largest Mall Expects Big Savings in Lighting Costs

Kevin Orth

Mall of America (MOA), which opened in 1992, is the nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex...

Never Trust a Computer

Peter Guest

It’s all my wife’s fault (she’s not in the room, so I can say this): There was a really good story in the news, but she threw out the papers before I could get the details...

The Amateur Parker …

Melissa Bean Sterzick

From the day infants become cognizant, they begin to categorize the people and things around them...

The Boys of Summer – A Baseball Metaphor

Robert Milner

With the essence of spring in the air, the mind-set of baseball fans begins to descend on a “fresh” new start...

The Operational Partnership: Create the Atmosphere of Trust

Richard Decker

We at Minneapolis -St...

Trade Shows, RFK, Jr., and “The Right to Park”

John Van Horn

I had a chat last night with the CEO of a major parking equipment supplier...

Wall Street Wants a Lot in Parking

Tom Lombardi Jr.

Investors cannot buy parking lots on stock exchanges... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER