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Articles from April, 2011.

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Control Airport Access Without Eliminating It

By Craig Wilson

As a symbol of modernity and the Global Society, the airport stands as one of the greatest testaments to man’s ability to capitalize on his powers of imagination and cooperation to command the world in which he lives...

Gambling, Parking in Space, Apps and Stewards …

By John Van Horn

The PT Blog headline read: “Roll the Dice, Park for Free...

Hartison Threatens Mary’s Son


Larry Levinson, the boss of crackerjack PI Paul Manning’s girlfriend had been jailed for the murder of a parking garage manager...

IntegraPark – 10 Years of Bringing Quality Software to the Parking Industry

By John Van Horn

“We came from the parking business, we saw a need and we filled it...

Parking Gets an ‘Oscar’

By John Van Horn

It was a beautiful, clear, crisp and cold California day as more than 600 limousines and 700 other vehicles descended on the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, bringing the glitterati to Oscar’s big party...


By Kathy Phillips

In the best of circumstances, anyone can slip, trip or fall...

Parking Made E-Z

By Michael Kolb

From Maine to Florida, from Illinois to Texas and California, the transponder-based collection system has become synonymous with the fast and hassle-free way to pay for tolls...

Parking… Misunderstood and a Very Attractive Investment

By John Van Horn

“Parking, as an asset class, is not well understood and that’s what makes it so attractive...

The Mysterious City Parking Official

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

I made a statement in my last column that I feel badly about now...

‘Law & Order’

By Isaiah Mouw and Ben Bronsink

Parking vs...

‘Smart Parking’ – More Than Just a ‘Smart Car’

By Donald R. Monahan

We assume “smart parking” isn’t the ingenious way that a “smart car” can maneuver into a parking space, such as seen in the photo nearby...

‘The Best’ Continues to Improve

By William C. Arons

Nova Scotia, adjacent to Prince Edward Island, borders on the Atlantic Ocean... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER