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Articles from May, 2004.

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Valerie Chereskin

Ampco System Parking, a leader in parking management systems, installed the DriveCam Driving Feedback System in about 300 vehicles...

Marketing Mistakes Can Lead to Failure in Your P-and-D Installation

Steve Campbell

Before considering what type of pay stations to purchase, you should do a thorough analysis of the requirements of your business to help determine what benefits automation will bring and what pains it might relieve...

New Lighting Demands Play Increasingly Important Role In Parking Facilities

Alice Liao

Manufacturers, armed with advances in lighting technology -- as well as with studies on safety, visibility and nighttime vision -- are heeding the call for more energy-efficient, cost-justified lighting that not only promotes security in parking garages and surface lots, but also is "sensitive" to and enhances surrounding environments...

Parking Security Design and 'Intelligent' CCTV

David W. Gaier

Parking facility designs are many and varied...

Security Doesn't Cost - It Pays, and Made This Garage the '10th Safest Place on Earth'

John Van Horn

Cost was an issue when the city of Derby in the United Kingdom decided to clean up a garage located near its criminal courts facility...

Security, Shows, and the IPI

John Van Horn

According to the words from the musical "Camelot," the month of May is lusty...

Steel Could Make Sense In Your Next Parking Garage Steel Could Make Sense In Your Next Parking Garage

William L. Pascoli

Recently, there has been renewed interest in the use of structural steel for open-deck parking garages...

There's a new sheriff in town ...

Charles J. Craige

Ahhh, the old shoebox ...

Your Parking Computer System Is Most Likely Compromised, NOW!

Auri Rahimzadeh

When we think of a parking revenue control system (PRCS) we often think about the gates, pay-on-foot machines, labor and union issues, transaction amounts, credit card processing and more... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER