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Articles from May, 2007.

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A Beautiful Garage? Or an Elephant of a Certain Co

(Parking Today met with a member of the board of the redevelopment district that pours money into the area of North Park, a section of San Diego...

A Thing Called Negligence

Andrew J. Marton

I thought it would make sense to explain the most common form of a lawsuit...

Abu Dhabi, Parking Oscars, Bern and Meter Theft

Peter Guest

I’m still spending more time on planes than in my own bed, and right now I am sitting back in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, finalizing the tender for this project...

AVI and No Visible Reader

Juliene Larsen

Security and routine operations at most plants and refineries are often at cross purposes...

Expanding The Synergy of Technology.

Imagine the future of your industry spread out before you...

First NYC Automated Garage Opens

The nation’s third fully automated garage, and the first in New York City, recently opened in Manhattan...

Garage Construction Holds Firm for 2007

Dale Denda

The year of 9/11 saw a downturn in the parking garage construction market...

Motorcycles, a City’s Attitude, Live From IPI

John Van Horn

On motorcycle parking – No parking is free, no matter how small...

Smart Cards Are the Tool;


Smart Cards Are the Tool; But the Payment System Needs a Bit More We’ve all been there – You pull into a parking space, go to the meter, reach in your pocket and pull out a $10 bill...

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