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Articles from May, 2011.

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Airports Going ‘Green’

By Michael Winegard

Energy use is a significant percentage of an airport’s operating costs...

Digital Printing Systems Celebrates 40 Years

“I was a salesman for another ticket company...

Handicapped in LA

By Astrid Ambroziak

Origin of the word handicap (from the Oxford English Dictionary): “mid 17th century: from the phrase ‘hand in cap’; originally a pastime in which one person claimed an article belonging to another and offered something in exchange, any difference in value being decided by an umpire...

Making Sense of Recent U.S. Parking-Lease Transactions

By Michael Benouaich

Many municipalities and local transportation agencies across the U...


By Kathy Phillips

In a recent article from the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, Steve Holland states: “When auto liability lawsuits arise from business vehicle operations (such as in valet services), the plaintiff’s case discovery process will almost certainly obtain information about the driver’s motor vehicle record...

Parking Under the Big Top

Parking management consultant Joe Sciulli periodically visits his shrink and has again provided a transcript of his latest tête-à-tête (initials used below to protect … everyone)...

Putting the PR in Parking

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

I wonder if the parking industry needs its own national ad campaign...

The High Cost of Low Performance

By Michael R. Kodama and Alan Huynh

An article in the March 2011 issue of Parking Today, “Bringing the Metered Parking System Into the 21st Century” by David Cummins, highlighted innovative partnerships that the public sector can use to increase the value of its parking assets...

Universities in the UK, NCIS, Vegas, and Having Money

By John Van Horn

I attended a seminar at BPA-sponsored Parkex in late March and found that, in the UK, “University Parking” is fairly backward...

‘Mad Men’

By Isaiah Mouw and Ben Bronsink

Parking vs...

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