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Articles from June, 2005.

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Cathodic Protection Stops Corrosion in Its Tracks

Kermit Bright, P.E., and Richard McGuire, P.E.

When a Kansas City office garage, built in 1971, began experiencing severe floor-slab deterioration only seven years after its completion, owners could not afford to continue to let it deteriorate to the point of disrepair, tear it down and build new...

Communications in Garages Go Cutting-Edge

Samuel Shanes

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is probably today's most talked about telecommunication development...

Don't Expect an Invitation to Your Cousin's Graduation

Editor's Note: This article is in the form of a letter to the editor from George Levey, a former Parkeon employee and now president of Cale Parking Systems USA...

PT Sniffs Out Maintenance Issues

My owner (the editor) asked me to sniff around a garage with my Saint Bernard brain focused on maintenance...

Steel Garages Make Headway in the UK

Mike Wilford

Until recently, steel-framed car parks have taken the back seat in car park design and were generally considered to be inferior to concrete...

Temporary Parking Surface Solves Short-Term Problems

When the rains fell on opening day of the 2005 Bay Hill Invitational at Bay Hill Club & Lodge near Orlando, golf fans were saved from walking and driving through muddy and waterlogged entrances by an innovative surfacing solution called TemPark, a roll-out surface that is a water-permeable and mold-, mildew- and UV-resistant material...

The Condescending Brits, 'Tuxedo' and Canadian Coins

I have gotten a couple of complaints about the article "We say car park, they say parking lot" in April's PT...

The High Cost of Free Parking' - A Textbook About Your Profession

John Van Horn

Someone asked a New York Times critic why he wrote so many negative reviews...

To ASP or Not to ASP?

By Michael J. Hanney

To some of us in the technology field, ASP means Application Service Provider; to the parking industry ASP could mean "Affordable, Simple, Parking... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER