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Articles from July, 2008.

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Automate and Solve All Your Problems – Not!

My master has been gallivanting around the world, and I have had a few days lying under the tree in the back yard and chatting with Joyce, who comes over to walk with me twice a day...

Ceramic Tile Sets off BWI Garage

By Lynda Portelli

The work of nine well-known artists is featured in ceramic tile murals that clearly and stylishly mark each floor of the daily parking garage at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport...

Cut off Your Nose to Spite Your Face?

By Peter Guest

In the UK, we pay an annual fee to use our cars on the road...

Demise of a Reseller

By Sherry Evens

The theme of last month’s issue of Parking Today concerned dealer/distributors or value-added resellers...

High-Tech Concepts Enhance Precast Concrete Designs

By James G. Toscas, P.E.

As a plant-controlled, engineered product, precast concrete can be fabricated to precise specifications, enabling its use when tolerances are close or specific attributes need to be favored...

How the Parking Industry Could Save the Day

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

Like most Americans, I have spent a significant part of my life parking...

Monroe J. Carell Jr.

Monroe J...

Reporters, Australia, Taxes vs. Fees

By John Van Horn

Got my quarterly call from the LA Times...

The Future of Transport in Brazil

By Sebas van den Ende

The lack of investment in transport infrastructure is a big challenge for the Brazilian government...

The Times They Are a Changin’: The New World of Parking

By Aynsley Deluce

In today’s increasingly high-tech world, consumer expectations have changed...

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