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Articles from July, 2010.

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CPTED Lights the Way

By Pete Goldin

CPTED illuminates the security needs of parking facility design, literally, in terms of the actual lighting of car parks...

Disabled Drivers, Fried Chicken, High School French

By John Van Horn

Throughout this issue of PT, you will see portions underlined and in blue...

Emission Based Parking Charges

By Peter Guest

There is a lot of talk about the use of cars and pollution and many stirring statements about how we must reduce our impact on the planet and use less polluting and more sustainable resources...

Insurers, What Are They For?

By Peter Guest

I believe that modern insurance started in Lloyds coffee house in London around 1690, when people involved in shipping got together to share the risk of a ship being lost...

Mexico City Executives are Treated to VIP Parking

Arcos Bosques, a 40-story office building, is one of the most prominent skyscrapers in the heart of Mexico City...

NFC in the Parking Industry

By Larry Berman

When shown a Nokia 6212 near field communication (NFC) phone and some MiFare tags, which performed simple tasks such as playing a song on my phone or taking me to a website, I got interested in creating an application that would reduce the complexities of parking at a meter with coins, credit cards and cell phones...

Parking Structure 3

By Wes Alderson

(Editor: This work of fiction was written for “Traffic Life...

San Francisco Parking a Real Treat

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

From now on, whenever I start complaining about parking, I’m going to snap the rubber band around my wrist and remind myself: At least I don’t live in San Francisco...

The Importance of Integrating Parking Into Mixed-use Development

By Ed Rahme and Megan Leinart

The popularity of mixed-use town center developments has become a widespread trend throughout the United States in recent years...

The Power of Word of Mouth in the Internet Age

By Andy Van Horn

Why social media works It used to be that if you wanted advice within the parking industry, you would have to pick up the phone and start calling people or travel to a trade show that happens once a year and ask questions...

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