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Articles from August, 2004.

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A Direct Quote, and the 'Dirty Little Secret'

I have a couple of stories this month that you will find illuminating...

Caveat Emptor: The Myth of the 'Permanent Record'

Rob Thomson

South Beach, FL, resident Michelle Linale was enjoying her lunch experience at a local restaurant when she handed a South Florida Parking valet her ticket...

Cutting the Cord: Going Wireless!

Auri Rahimzadeh

(As parking applications move to current technologies, it's important to know their features and drawbacks...

IPI Hosts a "Super" Show In New Orleans Superdome

The International Parking Institute hosted its annual Convention and Exhibition in New Orleans in late June...

Off-Airport Parking Rebounds To Surpass Pre-9/11/2001 Levels

The off-airport parking industry has recovered from 9/11...


Samuel Shanes

Whether planning to build or remodel your house or a new or upgraded campus facility, the more that you plan, the less the ultimate cost of the project and the better the job...

Thunderstorms, Trade Shows, and One Snappy Dresser

John Van Horn

The IPI show was its usual grand expanse...

UCSB Is Using 21st Century Technologies to Boost Parking Service and Revenues

What started out as a routine overhaul of the parking systems at the University of California, Santa Barbara has ended up becoming a showcase for many of the leading off-street parking technology innovations perfected over the past 10 years... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER