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Articles from August, 2005.

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But Did San Francisco Follow the 'Rules'?

Editor, Parking Today:
I read with interest your book review of "The High Cost of Parking" by Donald Shoup...

Geek My Ride!!

By John Van Horn

PT's expert on computer security and communications, Auri Rahimzadeh, has published a new book, and once you get past the title, it's a lot of fun...

Getting the Most Out Of Pay & Display

By Michael Kavur

Multi-space, pay-and-display parking terminals can be more reliable than other types of on street revenue collection...

Parking Cash in Niche Properties

By Mike Wilford

Robert Caplin is leading the advanced management seminar on parking facility funding at the Intertraffic NA/Parking Industry Exhibition in September in Baltimore...

Parking PR in Reverse, a New Structure, and the Wall Street Journal

I read where Lowell, MA, succeeded in taking parking money and upgrading its services, but in Glasgow, Scotland, the reverse happened...

Smart Cards Focus on Cities and Manufacturers

By Ed Ritchie

There are many so-called cashless approaches to collecting revenue...

What Makes an Excellent Garage Operation?

My editor asked me to focus this column on the positive side of parking...

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