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Articles from August, 2007.

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Congestion, Amnesty, Death and Nudity …

John Van Horn

I have been thinking a lot about “congestion pricing” – the concept of charging people to drive on public streets at certain times...

Dealers: What They Think About Their Jobs

Parking equipment is high-tech...

Full Court Press: Parking Lessons

Charlie Munn

The tragic shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16 were over by midday; for Tech’s Office of Transportation and its subsidiary Parking Services group, the challenges were just beginning...

Just Where Is Tirana, Anyway?

Peter Guest

There’s an old Yorkshire saying – “Thay’s all mad ‘cept thee and me, and I’m nowt too sure ‘bout thee” – that the following two true stories would seem to support...

Pay by Cell Launched in Vancouver, Canada

Phoebe Yong

Ralph Yeomans had a problem...

Revenue Control

John Van Horn

Parking Today began research for this article with a premise...

Steel: It’s Worth Another Look

Philip G. Rahrig

Given the state of rising costs for concrete construction materials and shrinking maintenance budgets, many owners are requesting a viable alternative parking structure design...

Truth, Justice and the American Way?

I had to make an appointment to see the vet the other day... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER