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Articles from August, 2011.

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Bringing the Metered Parking System Into the 21st Century

By David Cummins

One of the best movies of all time just might be “Cool Hand Luke,” the 1967 Paul Newman classic, perhaps best known for one of the ultimate movie lines: “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate...

Creating Renewable Energy and Earning ROI

By Chris Gray and Bill Harris

Deployment of solar energy, and its accompanying return on investment (ROI), has increased rapidly in the last few years...

Creating the Mixed-Use Courthouse Center Parking Facility in Miami

By Mark Santos

Miami has embarked on an initiative to revitalize its downtown area, including a series of projects that capitalize on the city’s unique culture and encourage further growth and economic development...

Do More With What You Now Have

By Robert Furniss and Scott R. Spencer

W­­e have all heard the tired expression “Do more with less...

Does Increased Enforcement Raise the Revenue?

By John Van Horn

The headline read “SFMTA Faces … Deficit, Looks to Parking Enforcement...

Making Your Operation More Efficient, Effective and Responsive

By Matthew Inman

In today’s challenging economic environment, it’s more important than ever for parking operations to be efficient, effective and responsive...

Prevent Crime – Design in Your Security!

By Randy I. Atlas

During my career as an NCARB-certified architect in safety and security design, I have noted that major errors in the design and operation of parking facilities arise from the mind-set that they are merely stables for vehicles and not places where human behavior occurs...

University’s Parking Structure Balances Needs with Sustainability

By Marshall Dunbar

Colleges and universities are facing an unprecedented time of shrinking endowments and rising costs, in particular energy costs...

‘Making Cents of Going Green’

By Robert Das and Henri du Pont

To most, “going green” is now accepted terminology...

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