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Articles from September, 2003.

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11 Costly Mistakes Career-Seekers Make Without Even Knowing It

Bill Dueease

Most people spend approximately 25 percent to more than 67 percent of their waking hours working...

5,000 Parkers, Politics, Postcards, the Weather, and Golf

John Van Horn

I am writing this in August...

Great Garages Aren't Run by Great Operators

If you remember from last month, I was defending myself from criticism that I was too hard on parking operators...

Opinion: 15 Parking Events Crowd Fall Calendar

John Van Horn

As sure as the birds fly south for the winter, as sure as the weather begins to cool, as sure as the leaves turn in New England, fall brings an opinion from Parking Today concerning the scheduling of regional and state association general meetings and trade shows...

Six Garages in NYC Closed; 6,700 Parkers Looking for Space

John Van Horn

In what some are calling a "textbook case" of government incompetence, the story of the demise of six garages and the resulting loss of 6,700 parking spaces should be studied by all in the parking industry as how not to maintain a garage system...

The Fernando Noriega, Jr. Palm Ave. Garage: A New Feature in Ybor City

Jerry S. Marcus

Ybor City is one of only three National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida and was once the "Cigar Capital of the World...

Tough Times at Airports Make Shuttles More Popular than Ever

More people are using shuttle buses than ever before...

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