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Articles from September, 2004.

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A 'Different' Approach to Below-Grade Garage Construction

Dean Abbondanza

Members of the parking industry are no strangers to the costs associated with both above- and below-grade parking structures...

Anaheim Delivers for NPA!

Logan Hunter-Thompson

Booth sales are high, and attendee numbers are even higher, for the National Parking Association's 53rd annual Parking, Transportation and Services Convention & Exposition set for Sept...

Commercial Parking Operators Speak Out

A month or so ago, PT asked a number of parking operators two questions:

One operator speaks out

Jonathan Mackenzie

Our questions to commercial parking operators (see page 20) generated mostly one- or two-line answers...

Parking Garage Repair -- A Case Study

Bob Pirro

With more than 24,000 parking garages in the United States, there is no denying the important role they play in society...

Vacations, Politics, and Old Europe

John Van Horn

As I write this in early August, I begin to wonder if everyone has gone home...

Who's Beating the Parking Guy?

Robert Baer

I arrived at work on a spring morning back in 1998...

yes we can...Yes We Can...YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Robert Milner

After a lengthy telephone conversation with yet another customer who felt as if he had spent an excessive amount of time exiting our garage -- after having spent a relaxing night at the theater -- we said, "OK, enough is enough!" It was obvious, by the increase in unpleasant telephone calls, that our original well-thought-out procedures had sprung a leak...

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