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Articles from September, 2007.

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Case Study:

John Van Horn

Toronto Zoo calls itself Canada’s premier zoo; it’s a favorite stop for more than 1...

Credit Cards and a ‘Whoops’

I’ve been thinking a lot about credit card usage and parking...

Extending Notification to Campus Parking

Samuel Shanes

Most challenges facing campus parking facilities usually have been related to two types of events: emergency and the service/information situations...

Financing University Parking Structures

Richard A. Rich

More students attend college and have cars than ever before, so finding parking on campus is becoming a greater concern for university officials...

Goodbye, Mr. President, and Other Sorrows

Peter Guest

Anyone who bothers to read this column will probably have noticed that I was President of the British Parking Association for a while...

Parking Rangers, Brooklyn, and Cellphones

John Van Horn

I just love it when folks get what they want and then it turns and bites them right on the rear...

Photo Violation Makes Splash in Niagara Falls

I spent a morning recently with Fred Mitschele, President of Photo Violation Technologies, and some of his technical staff...

Separate the Stalls, One Line or Two?

Paul Mack

Should parking stalls be striped with single lines or double lines? Some parking consultants strongly prefer double striping because they believe it helps parkers center their vehicles between stripes, maximizing the space between vehicles...

The Low Cost of Parking Everywhere

Bern Grush

Editor’s note: PT traditionally has not reported on products that aren’t actively working in the marketplace...

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