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Articles from September, 2008.

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A Planner Says NO to Market Pricing

By Don Norte

High gas prices, housing affordability, health care and global warming are issues of the day across the country...

Enforcement is “Hot Topic” in UK

By Peter Guest

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Cologne, Germany...

High-Tech Solution to a Parking Problem

By John Van Horn

“We wanted to take advantage of the technology available, to be on the cutting edge, while at the same time solve some problems we had with our parking operation...

Ken Schmidt to Lead Off 2008 NPA Convention

By James G. Toscas, P.E.

Ken Schmidt, a branding guru and former director of communications for Harley-Davidson Motor Co...

New Technology Ensures Efficient Valet Service at DFW

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

When Parking Concepts Inc...

Selecting the Right Bus for Your Parking Operation

Transportation services are playing a greater role in everyday operations at colleges and universities nationwide...

Taxes, Rock, and a Russian Doctor

By John Van Horn

I noticed something strange in my Yahoo list of parking articles...

The Professor Says YES

By Donald Shoup

Don Norte raises two important questions: (1) what is the right price for curb parking, and (2) how many off-street parking spaces should cities require for every land use...

The Shopping Cart Derby

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

There’s a menace in the parking lot...

The ‘Features vs. Benefits’ Marketing Debate

By Jonathan Ward

Selling features versus benefits is an age-old marketing debate...

There Is No Win

I know I have railed about this before, but my frustration level is exceeding even catching squirrels, and that’s a lot...

Why Conventional Parking Meters?

By Bobra Wilbanks

This article was adapted from a presentation made during a “power pitch” hour at the IPI convention in Dallas...

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