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Articles from October, 2009.

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A Primer for New Operators… Some Tips on Finding Success

An interview with Constance Volz, Managing Member of Premier Parking in Denver, became a primer for a Parking Operator...

Drawing Meaning from a Mission

By Christopher P. Trotta, AIA

"Conceal the cars,” said leaders of the University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC), Cleveland, in their initial direction to designers of the new patient parking Garage...

Good Customer Service, or Collect Every Dime

When is customer service “over the top,” and when should we break the law to prove a point? The boss was traveling the last couple of weeks and came across two issues that relate to parking and auditing...

Is There Any Such Thing as Free Valet?

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

I rarely have anything nice to say about valet parking...

It Just Gets Better and Better


It was a beautiful evening at the Hollywood Bowl...

Middle Earth, 1835 Laws, and a Question for JVH

By Peter Guest

It’s the end of summer, and in the UK, we are pretty much still in silly season...

Parking Taxes, Conference, Education Head NPA Agenda

PT spoke with Marty Stein, President of the National Parking Association in his office in Washington DC...

Parking Tokens: A Viable Alternative to Cash

By Jim Wahl

While cash-based parking meters are the standard in the industry, token-based systems can offer significant advantages...

Whining, Parking Wars, again, NHS and Kansas City

By John Van Horn

Cities are whining because their revenue is down...

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