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Articles from October, 2011.

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717 Parking: A Company That’s Passionate About Parking

By John Van Horn

“It’s all about passion...

A Dissent with Donald Shoup on Curb Parking Use

By Paul C. Box

As a longstanding and vocal proponent of mandatory off-street parking supply and discouragement of curb parking, I have suppressed my strong disagreement with Donald Shoup, UCLA Professor of Urban Planning, until reading his “Free Parking or Free Markets” article [Footnote 1] in the Spring 2011 issue of Access magazine, a publication of the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC)...

Casey Jones Talks Parking

By Casey Jones

Someone asked me a few months back if, along the way, I had ever envisioned myself as Chairman of the Board of the International Parking Institute (IPI)...

City Park: The San Francisco Treat

In 1953, brothers Nicholas and Stephan Leonoudakis opened their first parking lot in the area of San Francisco now known as the Embarcadero Center...

CityParking Listed on ‘Inc. 500|5000’ With 3-Year Revenue Growth of 79%

By John Van Horn


Los Angeles Moves to Credit Card Readers and On-Street Sensors

By John Van Horn

“It will be near-field communication or in-car transponders...

Nondestructive Evaluation Should Be on Owners’ Radar

By Kexn Maser

Parking structures play a crucial role in the urban environment, and both owners and drivers rely on their continued safety and high-level performance...

Operators... Solve All Your Parking Problems

By John Van Horn

op·er·a·tor [op-uh-rey-ter] noun 1...


By Kathy Phillips

Physically demanding jobs require preparation...

PIE 2012 Blazes New Trails for Parking Events

The Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE) will again be exploring new territory March 18-21 as it returns to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago...

Please Don’t Scare the Customers

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

Everybody I know is cutting back these days...

Poetry Doth Make Parking Fonder

By John Van Horn

If you had asked me to pick two words that I thought I would never see together in a sentence, they would be Hammerschlag and Poetry...

Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? After 245 dog years of sniffing around parking facilities with my master, I have actually learned a new “trick” or two the past few months...

To Charge or Not to Charge: ‘It’s the Range Anxiety’

By Astrid Ambroziak

It has been a hot day in LA...

‘Baghdad by the Bay,’ EVs and Charging Stations

By John Van Horn

I just got back from a couple of days in that city by the bay... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER