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Articles from November, 2011.

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12 Easy Steps to Really Bad Customer Service

By Joseph P. Sciulli

If you really like ticking off your parking facility customers, be sure to implement these tried and true rules for really bad customer service...

Can it be? A Perfect Garage Manager

For over ten years now, my Master and I have written article after article about audit and operational issues...

Cape Girardeau, MO Cuts Energy Consumption in Half

The city of Cape Girardeau, Mo...

Consult This!

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

As a professional in the publishing business I experienced the good, the bad and the criminal of consulting...

Consultants are… “Useless,” “A Waste of Money”

By Andrew Hill

Go to your internet browser, open it up and navigate over to Google...

Going Modular: The Distinct Advantages of Modular Elevators for Parking Structures

By Tom Shield

Adding conventional elevators to a new or existing parking facility can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take many months...

NPA Convention Tops 800 Attendees

Observation by JVH with help from Christine Bannin

NPA a year later...


By Kathy Phillips

It may seem self evident, but managing a parking garage valet service entails accepting responsibility for a customer’s vehicle while it is in the possession of the garage operator...

Reader Amazed at Business Owners

Editor, Parking Today: It really amazes me how some business owners think...

The NPA, Thoughts on 911, and Ladies of the Evening

By John Van Horn

I had conversations with NPA members at their extremely successful convention last month and I got a common thread – good management and good service...

We Have Your Back!

By Greg Leean

For some in this industry, the term “consultant” can have some negative connotations...

Why I Have a Commercial Operator at My University

By Robert Milner

Some have asked why our University chooses to use a contractor for its cashiering operation; since it was already implemented when I started my career here, I can only explain the benefits I have observed...

“Hardware is Secondary, Software is Primary”

By John Van Horn

“The future is software development... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER