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Articles from December, 2004.

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comments from a manager

Robert Milner

I was fortunate enough to attend a recent conference where the "talk of the evening" was very good...

Credit Cards Can Be Charged Back, Too

I like to sniff around all parts of the revenue system in locations that I audit...

Easing the Parking Crunch

Richard Hartger

With more than 60,000 students, the University of Minnesota is one of the largest universities in the country...

Emergency Phones In Parking Facilities

Whether to have emergency phones on a university campus, including its parking facilities, has ceased to be an issue...

Parking in Higher Education - THE PROS SPEAK OUT

This month, Parking Today reached out to higher education parking managers throughout North America and asked them about their major issues and some potential solutions...

Sharing Data...Evolving from "Thick" to "Thin"

Blake Laufer

Campus parking offices are focused on delivering timely and efficient solutions that address on-campus parking needs by creating comprehensive systems that are dynamic enough to be viable today -- and forward-thinking enough to last long into the future...

Tasmania, the Catskills, Mr. Sulu and Eating Crow

John Van Horn

I am writing this on Tuesday, Nov...

Two Higher Ed Pros Expand on the Topic

Two of the respondents to our survey expanded on a theme... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER