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Articles from December, 2007.

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A Decade of Parking Rates

I have been reading my favorite magazine and blog and find a discussion going on, perhaps tangentially, about garage pricing, or the lack of it...

Businesses Require Innovation for Optimal Performance

“Innovation” is the business topic du jour, but what does it really mean to be an “innovative company” and how does an organization know if it is innovative? “The factors that must be in place to support innovation are not a mystery...

Lighting Jackpot in Vegas

Parking USA

Melissa Bean Sterzick

Parking is different in every state – at least it is in the 6 different states I have lived in during my life: Utah, New York, Texas, Washington, Nevada, and California...

Philly, Parents, P2 and PIE

John Van Horn

Yes, by the time you read this, Thanksgiving will be history and Christmas will be upon us...

Start an Execution Revolution:

Richard Lepsinger

Companies frequently develop vision and mission statements about being number one in their industry, the great service they provide to customers, and their rewarding work environment...

“An Elegant Solution”:

Charlie Munn

P3: The Seller Parking Today recently caught up with Dana Levenson, a former CFO for the city of Chicago and now Managing Director/Head of North American Infrastructure for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Global Banking & Markets...

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