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Articles from December, 2009.

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Banks, Courtesy and Free Parking

By John Van Horn

Here’s a take I hadn’t considered: What if banks wouldn’t lend on a development if the number of parking spaces didn’t meet the industry average – even if the local zoning requirements had been removed and the number wasn’t required? Developers are being caught in a “Catch 22...

Checking Under the Hood of Your Transportation System

By Chance Management Advisors

In campus parking and transportation systems (PTS), it is not uncommon to have parking outweigh transportation in terms of the time and effort, attention, and even headaches for the system manager and campus administration...

Cyberspace Changing the Business of Valet Parking

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

The internet and digital technology have made huge changes in the way the world operates...

Environmental Cleaning of Parking Garages

By Scott Stone

In the current scope of garage cleaning, there are varying methods of enforcement and differing expectations of what a garage cleaning contractor, or owner, is expected to do when performing this important task...

I Never Thought of That

The boss finally got home, and after getting reacquainted, we talked about his adventures in Manila...

It’s Not Just About Parking Cars

By John Van Horn

"The successful companies will be the ones that take an holistic view of their client’s operations...

Leasing Smart!

By Joel Ronan

Higher margins...

Losing My Mind, And My Car

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

There are days when I feel like a mental patient of sorts...

Nobody Likes the Parking Guy

By Bart Neu

When I first started working in the parking industry, part of my job was to check self-pay lots and issue citations to cars that did not pay...

Technology and Towing? Why Not?

By John Wicker

In 2002, my team and I set out to identify the next industry that would benefit from technology to improve business and customer efficiency...

The Boring Truth About Being the Best

By David Taxman

What if everyone in your company worked relentlessly to be the best? The best salesperson, the best customer service professional, the best manager ...

We in UK do Shoup, and Beyond...

By Peter Guest

JVH and I were at the Philippine parking conference in Manila recently, and he gave them a presentation on all things Shoup... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER