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Articles from December, 2010.

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Are ‘Environmental’ Parking Charges a Good Idea?

By Peter Guest

A short time ago, I wrote about the parking charge scheme in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames...

Difficult Times Require Personal Action

By Rachel Elaine Yoka

The past two years have not been kind to the parking or AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industries, along with many others...

Dirty Garage? Take Care in Selecting Cleaner

By Jim Gamble

How do you know if the company you hire for the deep cleaning of your parking garage is the right one for the job? Say someone slips in your garage or you have seepage of oil dripping from the ceiling onto the cars below or, worst yet, you have the EPA snooping around checking for runoff from the oil and heavy metals that all garages have...

Hatfield, Banning New Team Leading NPA

“The National Parking Association, as the leading advocate for the parking industry, focuses on industry growth, tax policy, green business advances, and technological innovation...

Neglect Card Payment Reconciliation at Your Peril

By Fabien Pesenti

Card payment reconciliation is the process through which one ensures that all card payments (transactions) accepted at point-of-sales systems or payment applications, plus subsequent adjustments, are in fact received in the bank accounts...

Rain, Snow or Sleet, Watch Your Feet!

By Kathy Phillips

With the winter season at hand, parking garage owners and operators must pay particular attention to the increased exposure to slips, trips and falls in parking lots, on sidewalks and other outdoor spaces...

Reviving the Engines of ‘Our Parked Civility’

By Astrid Ambroziak

This hour-long flick got a lot of press early last month, and its director, Meghan Eckman, called and asked me to review it...

Validation Causes Problems

I received the following problem in an e-mail from a PT reader: The vehicle parks for 2...

Where Are the Women in Parking?

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

I might never have considered parking a sexist industry if I had not had such a strong and spontaneous reaction to the September 2010 cover of Parking Today...

‘PPP’ Passé, Abu Dhabi, The Holidays

Let’s review the bidding...

‘Seinfeld’: The Parking Garage

By Isaiah Mouw and Mark Botts

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