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Articles from December, 2011.

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Black Helicopters, Intestinal Fortitude, Car Copulation and a PARCS Trifecta

For more than 15 years now, my Master and I have written article after article about audit and operational issues...

Credit Cards in the ‘Cloud,’ With a Splash of PCI – A Winning Recipe

By Joe Wenzl

When was the last time you actually paid cash dollars for something? Fast-food lunch? Nope...

DC Deployment a Great Success for Pay by Cell Phone

By Tina Dyer

The recent launch in our nation’s capital in July this year marks one of the most successful pay by cell phone operations in North America...

From ‘Shoe-ista’ to ‘Shoupista’:

By Astrid Ambroziak

Fall arrived and with it our first rain of the season...

Leveraging Technology Trends

By Barney Pell

As an entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist, I see six key trends that are reshaping the way business is conducted in the digital age...

NPA Exceeds 800 in Convention Attendance

NPA: Reach, Stretch, Repeat It sounds a little like an exercise, but NPA, this past year, set goals that were a touch out of reach, stretched to meet them, then committed to doing it all again...

Oh, Bollards!

By Melissa Bean Sterzick

I don’t often give much thought to bollards and vehicle barriers, but lately they seem to be popping up everywhere I go...

Technology in Parking

By Alex Israel and Sam Friedman

PT Editor John Van Horn asked us to put together an article on emerging tech...

Turning a Troubled Parking Asset Into a Success Story

By Mike Nichols and Rebekah Carlson

The Maryland Street Garage, an 800-space, seven-story parking facility on the southern edge of the central business district of Indianapolis, is a prominent, well-located structure that also is well-positioned in the market...

Virtual Parking Meters – What’s Next?

By Nick Taylor

It’s not as new as you think...

Wills and Kate, Writing on a Catamaran, the PPA and Carpools in LA

By John Van Horn

I have always been a proponent of women, for more than the obvious reasons...

World Ends – Someone Agrees with PT Editor

Editor, Parking Today: I read your article on San Francisco (“Point of View: ‘Baghdad by the Bay,’ EVs and Charging Stations,” October 2011), and I thought you were too kind to the people who run that city and who live there...

‘Cloud Computing’ – Old Technology or Cutting Edge?

By Harald Raetzsch

This article gives a hint of the presentation that Harald Raetzsch will make at the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE) in March 2012 in Chicago...

‘Pay-by-Cellphone 101’

By Neil Podmore

Pay-by-cellphone parking has seen a dramatic increase in North America, with many major cities (Washington, DC; Miami; San Francisco; Houston; Vancouver, Canada) either in full deployment or running extensive trials... BANNER Parking Today Subscribe BANNER