It’s all about the parking… If you control the parking, you control the franchise

First the Yankees find their new parking garages are going bankrupt and now the former Brooklyn Dodgers (Now LA Dodgers) are having parking problems of their own.

As reported by Wanda on PT’s facebook page, Frank McCourt who is in the process of losing the team through a divorce court and having the National League step in a seize it, has thrown the process a curve ball.

Seems the despised Dodger owner has broken the business part of the franchise into different LLCs and other legal entities. One of those is the parking around the stadium in LA’s Chavez Ravine.The League has laughed off the claim, noting that the franchise rules allow it to seize all business activities related to the team’s operation.

McCourt says: “It’s all about the parking… If you control the parking, you control the franchise.”

He should know, he made is millions owning parking operations in Boston. LA fans hate the Dodger owner, feeling his mishandling of the team has basically destroyed it.

Like him or not, his comment about parking is correct.   JVH

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