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4600 Campus Drive, Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Tel: 888-752-0512
Fax: 949-752-6033

Fully Customizable, Hosted, Parking Citation Management Software Data Ticket provides our clients with a comprehensive parking citation management system that is web-based and fully hosted on our in-house servers. Our clients can access their data 24/7 from any computer that has Internet access. In addition, all system upgrades, enhancements, and backups are handled for our Clients automatically, alleviating the need for our Clients to spend time installing software patches or upgrades, or worse, working on an aging system that will eventually no longer be supported (to better understand how our citation management system will allow you the customization and control you require to manage your parking citations, please visit our website at www.CitationProcessingCenter.com).
DATA TICKET, INC. is listed in these ePIP categories:
Citation Issuance / Processing / Enforcement
Citation Processing / Collection
Data Processing
Handheld Ticketwriters
Online Payment Processing
Parking Management Services
Parking Software
License Plate Registration Retrieval
Permit Fulfillment
Internet Services

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