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New Products

Companies featuring New Products in this month's Parking Today:

    Analog Megohmmeter from BD Loops
    BD Loops now offers its megohmmeter in an affordable analog option designed with installers in mind. A megohmmeter is the only meter than can test for the most common loop issue − a nick in the insulation causing the loop to short to ground. This analog megohmmeter gives installers more information than the more common light-up ones. Its pin will point to the megohm reading, giving a number to track and monitor to determine if the loop is shorting to ground.

    Atlanta Drive Systems Offers Integrated Direct-Mount Racks
    Atlanta Drive Systems offers a range of integrated racks that mount directly to most standard linear guide rails, eliminating the need for additional machining and alignment, thus saving time and money. Compact, performance-optimized designs can be easily achieved with these racks.

    Electricity Generating Systems From Energy Intelligence
    Energy Intelligence has developed technology that generates clean energy at high-traffic locations, such as parking garages and toll booths, from the motion of vehicles. The ultra-compact system lays flat on top of the road where vehicles are required to slow down. When vehicles drive over it, they compress embedded hydraulic channels, generating electricity to power nearby equipment such as lights, cameras, displays and gates. The system also is smart: With embedded sensors and wireless controls, it provides site managers with energy data, as well as insights about traffic patterns and vehicles types.

    FlareAlert Battery-Powered Emergency LED Beacon Kits
    FlareAlert introduces its Emergency LED Beacon Kits, which are designed for professional firefighters, law enforcement, and military, as well as personal emergency use. Unlike incendiary strike flares, These beacons are personally and environmentally safe to use.

    Fujitsu Releases Ultra-Low-Profile Thermal Printer Series
    Fujitsu Components America has released one of its smallest 24V thermal printer mechanism series, the FTP-6xGMCL. The printers are targeted to OEMs developing compact self-service solutions for industrial, retail and transportation industries. They are ideal for generating receipts, tickets or labels in space-restricted, self-service applications, such as ATMs and POS systems.

    ICES Launches Advanced Intelligent Camera Technology
    Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions has launched a major advance for automatically identifying and recording parking contraventions. ScanSmarti capitalizes on the company’s Rialto software and the smartphone’s integrated camera to enable complete streets or carparks to be scanned by a patrolling enforcement officer. There’s no need to enter registration numbers individually and manually. It benefits from a real-time interface with the “back office” processing system and any cashless parking system.

    Linear Motion Stages from Primatics
    The PCL65 Series from Primatics are value-priced, high-precision linear motion stages. A backlash-free, precision-ground, ball-screw drivetrain provides precise positioning over travels from 50 to 600mm. Its NEMA23 motor mount supports common servo or stepper motors. The series is designed for applications such as precision assembly, inspection and material handling. They can be used individually or directly stacked for XY configurations.

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