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New Products

Companies featuring New Products in this month's Parking Today:

    Aiphone Introduces Multi-Feature Touchscreen Video Intercom
    The JP Series touchscreen video intercom from Aiphone allows users to clearly view visitors and communicate between stations using the large 7-inch touchscreen display. Perfect for identifying visitors at locked entrances, it includes picture memory to automatically record visitor images to either internal memory or onto a removable SD/SDHC card. All inside stations feature hands-free communication, along with a built-in handset.

    Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT® K90 Series Provides Bright, Uniform Lighting for Long, Multi-Direction
    Banner Engineering introduces its EZ-Light K90 Series multicolor indicator lights, featuring a large, 90-mm housing. The indicators deliver extremely bright and uniform illumination from all directions and at longer distances, while a highly visible illuminated dome ensures easy-to-see operator guidance. They provide enhanced flexibility with up to five colors available in one device.

    EMX ULT- MVP Vehicle Loop Detector Has Small Size, Full Functionality
    The UltraLoop multi-voltage vehicle detector from EMX Industries combines small size with a 9VDC to 240VAC input range. The ULT-MVP provides relay contact outputs indicating vehicle presence, and a second set of contacts that may be used for loop fault or pulse-onentry /pulse-on-exit, or the EMX feature, Detect On Stop. It offers automatic sensitivity boost, delay, fail-safe/failsecure, and infinite or normal (5 minute) presence.

    Intermatic Offers New Line of LED Fix Mount Electronic Photo Controls
    Intermatic, a leader in energy management solutions, has released its new line of dusk-to-dawn Fix Mount Electronic Photo Controls with electronic switching mechanisms for use in outdoor lighting fixtures. They have a solid-state, silicon light sensor and a DC relay to provide switching. This provides easier calibration to different targeted on/off levels and a repeatable set-point that does not drift during the life of the product.

    MAV Systems Launches Next-Generation Intelligent ANPR Camera
    The Rapier 50IQ from MAV Systems incorporates HD image quality, motorized zoom cameras, high-speed ANPR recognition and “maxIRange” pulsed IR lighting in one efficient unit. Its low power consumption and superior performance capabilities, coupled with the latest generation of ANPR engine and simple installation, take intelligent cameras to the next level. Highly accurate engine metadata allow “our partners” to develop new applications unique to them, at low cost and high speed.

    Neal Manufacturing’s ESSP 1500 Skid-Mounted Sealcoating Machine Delivers Impressive Capacity
    The 1,500-gallon capacity of the ESSP 1500S skid-mounted sealcoating machine from Neal Manufacturing reduces the time associated with refilling the tank on large projects and the number of trips a contractor needs to make to the sealer manufacturer or distributor. In addition, the unit’s electric super sand pump (ESSP) system features a variable speed control and produces as much as 100 gpm, the fastest transfer rate among piston pumps on the market. With this system, operators can cover areas up to 40 percent faster than diaphragm pumps.

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