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Companies featuring New Products in this month's Parking Today:

    Code Blue expands product line With new wall mount enclosure
    Code Blue Corporation, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, announces the release of the CB 6-s, a durable and weather-resistant stainless steel enclosure capable of housing an emergency speakerphone

    EMX Industries Introduces Most Valuable Product Yet - Ultraloop Muti-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector
    The *NEW* Ultraloop Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector is a compact, energy efficient and cost effective loop detector that is easy to install and setup. Reduce inventory cost and stock only one loop detector with universal voltage - 9VDC to 240VAC. The ULT-MVP's exclusive Detect-on-Stop™ (DOS) technology activates only when the vehicle comes to a complete stop on the loop making it ideal in cross-traffic situations and warehouse settings with many overhead doors.

    McGraw-Edison TopTier™ with LumaWatt™ Outdoor Wireless Control and Monitoring System
    The highly efficient McGraw-Edison TopTier™ parking garage and canopy luminaire incorporates WaveStream™ light-emitting diode (LED) technology. The fixture’s superior, patented optical control and patented design improves visual comfort to enhance safety while providing maximum energy savings of up to 76 percent annually.

    Meet the newest member to our Gorilla Post™ Family!
    The 'Sta-Rite' sign posts are designed as an alternative to a standard rigid polyethylene post. The Gorilla Post 'Sta-Rite' sign post is ideal for high traffic parking lot locations. These flexible sign posts are especially useful for parking lots without car stops and are easy to install.

    New from Rytec Spiral® Door Closes the Window of Opportunity on Intruders
    The Rytec Spiral roll-up security door translates its 60-inches-per-second high-speed performance into greater safety for facilities and operations, providing rugged, intruderproof protection.

    Parking Data & Research International introduces
    If you want to book Airport Parking go to www.carparks4u.com and get comparative quotations. This app has been developed to help those UK drivers that get an “On Street” citation, it leads them by the hand through the appeal process, at the same time the site promotes the idea of parking in a parking lot or garage by use of the data.

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