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New Products

Companies featuring New Products in this month's Parking Today:

    Clear Token Mobile Payment Platform Now Available
    Clear Token products and services, with completely secure patented technology, are now available to cellphone parking payment processors, direct carrier billing providers, municipalities, parking companies, vending machine owners and any organization looking to deploy an ultra-low-cost mobile payment solution – one that eliminates the need for Internet connectivity and completely protects the user’s personal data.

    IK -WB 81A Captures Wider Field of 2-Product LED Luminaire Series From EPCO
    Standard and Parking Garage LED Luminaires from Engineered Products Co. provide unparalleled performance, improved efficacy, and more usable lumens-per-watt for a complete lighting solution. The primary benefits of its gasketed and “vapor-tight” LED luminaires, the company said, are energy efficiency and savings, and improved thermal dissipation, which translates into optimized light output.

    Tamper-Evident Design From TagMaster Adds Security, Long Read Ranges
    Using state-of-the-art antenna technology, the TpE from TagMaster boasts a very long read range. It’s mounted on the inside of the windshield using the attached adhesive backing. Any attempt to remove the tag will leave behind adhesive residue and destroy the tag antenna.

    The Snow Will Be Back Next Year – Plan Now With SnowEx
    SnowEx has introduced a comprehensive line of snowplows. The launch includes 20 new snow-control products designed to accommodate a variety of customers, from light-duty users to the most demanding snow- and ice-management professionals. The plows include multiple new technologies, such as the Automatixx system, a power-assisted feature that involves a simple process for quick plow attachment.

    Ultrasonic, Loop-Less Vehicle Detection
    The USVD-4X is a loop-less vehicle sensor used to close barriers in applications where it is too expensive or difficult to cut loops. Using ultrasonic technology, the USVD-4X is simply mounted on a post or order box and aimed to reliably detect vehicles. No additional set-up or adjustments required. Ideal for parking, fast food, banking, pharmacy and car wash.

    US Architectural Lighting Features Tornado LED Bollard
    The U.S. Architectural Lighting Tornado LED bollard, from U.S. Pole Co., makes a bold design statement, while offering energy savings. The recently introduced fixture is designed to illuminate pedestrian walkways in commercial centers, city plazas and other public areas. The fixture housing is corrosion-resistant low-copper-alloy-cast aluminum. The top is crowned to facilitate water runoff. The raised access panel is fully gasketed.

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