Cale Releases New Touch Payment and Info Terminal for ‘Smarter’ Cities
Cale, a leading global supplier of payment technology for parking and transportation, has released its first solar-charged, touch-screen terminal with digital receipts. The CWT C Touch is built for “smart cities” and a part of the Parking by Cale concept, working seamlessly with other products and services from company. All also can be used together with third-party suppliers, to make the customer still more flexible.

Cree Extends Groundbreaking IG Parking Luminaire Series
The Cree Inc. industry-leading IG Series LED parking structure luminaires now include a warmer color temperature and standard 0-10V dimming for better light experiences, with enhanced aesthetics and performance. Featuring WaveMax technology, the IG Series delivers low-glare comfort and defeats shadows for enhanced safety and visibility, while delivering exceptional energy efficiency and fast payback.

ETP-500 Series Now Main Analog Emergency Call Station for Talkaphone
Talkaphone continues its dedication to innovation with the ETP-500 Series emergency call stations. It has all the functionality of the previous analog ETP-400 Series call stations, but with the added standard benefits of IP-66 rating for harsh weather environments, dual LED call progress lights, and built-in voice location identifier. tale

Fulham Introduces HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Driver
The Fulham Co. has expanded its LED product family with the new HotSpot Constant Power LED emergency driver. Easily installed in the field or factory, this emergency lighting system comes with an integrated power source that can provide more than 90 minutes of lighting. It was specifically developed to be an easy-to-install solution that can adapt to most local emergency lighting requirements.

Retractable Barrier From Hi-Tec Comes With Hi-Vis Air-Thru Mesh Panel
The Ramp-Blocker retractable barrier for parking decks, from Hi-Tec Equipment, features an OSHA-yellow, 4-foot-high by 12-foot-wide air-thru (but not walk-thru) mesh panel, with black/yellow hash marks, that allows for air and light. The standard unit, for inside or outside use, has a steel-reinforced PVC-pipe housing. An industrial-strength manual retracting mechanism allows one person to easily and quickly extend and retract the barrier.