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Parking Today's wandering editor (John Van Horn-JVH) may show up almost anywhere in the world. In the last six months he has been in Washington DC, Sydney-Australia, Atlanta-Georgia and many other places. Your job is to guess where he has been.

Clues can be found in the monthly PT e-newsletter, PT's Facebook page and PT's twitter feed. To sign up for the e-enewsletter make sure your email address is on file go to our subscription page and sign up.

You can find the PT Facebook page here. You can follow the twitter feed here. You will also find one clue (and the picture) on this page each month.

You could win a $100 Visa Gift Card. The picture and clues change monthly so make sure to come back each month. Fill out the following form and watch for clues. The picture/location will change each month when the PT e-newsletter comes out.

Last Month's Winner
Raymond Ellison - Tuxen & Associates

This month's location

Where is JVH April

Clue #1
(there will be at least 6 clues located on facebook, twitter and in the e-newsletter)

This area sits on the banks of a world famous river in a world famous city. (You need the location in the picture, city and country)

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