Our constantly evolving mailing list is the focus of our company. We want to get your information into the correct hands of people in the parking industry. We rent out our mailing list for you to be able to send a direct mail piece to your potential customers. This can be one of the most important pieces of a marketing plan available. 


We send email blasts twice a month to our client list and you can benefit from the fact that the email comes from Parking Today. This blast can give you a direct contact to how most people communicate in today's business Today. 


In today's marketing environment having a sales person design a flyer on a word processor and turn that into your ad will no longer work. Your buyer is a savvy business person who is being sold to at every turn. We can help you design an advertising campaign that is direct and shows that you expect quality in everything you do. 


Most businesses have someone in charge of their print advertising, someone in charge of tradeshows, someone in charge of internet advertising or one person who does all of these but does not have background in all three. Let us work with you in looking at your end goals and designing the most efficient (cost and time) in reaching them. If you aren't successful then we go out of business.