PT Plus

Parking Safety at People’s Trust Insurance Company with an M4 Smart-Sensor System

April, 2021

Park Assist, recently merged with TKH Security, has been selected to install its camera-based M4 smart-sensor Parking Guidance System at People’s Trust Insurance Company’s corporate campus. Located in Deerfield Beach, FL, People’s Trust Insurance Company is one of Florida’s top-selling homeowner insurance companies. In a fresh campus expansion, it built a brand-new garage with over 500 spaces. The garage construction was completed in August of 2020 and is restricted to employees only.

Given the long-standing and strong local presence TKH Security (Park Assist) has in Florida and its proven ability to quickly deliver on projects, People’s Trust selected TKH Security (Park Assist) to elevate the employee parking experience.

Eager to enhance parking while improving its employee garage’s security, People’s Trust chose to add both the Park Alerts™ and Park Surveillance™ software modules to its PGS to protect its employees and ease any security concerns.