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Filling Up Hotelsí Empty Parking Lots: a.Lot Parking on a Mission in Hollywood

April, 2021

The Hollywood Hotel, a beautiful classic Hollywood hotel in Hollywood, California, recently partnered with a.Lot Parking to upgrade their parking lot. This proved to be a great decision to meet COVID-19 challenges.

First of all, the Hollywood Hotel wanted to minimize its parking management. A.Lot Parking team installed a revenue management and touchless access control software re-using all existing parking control hardware such a barrier arms and gates, induction loops and traffic signals. Since a.Lot Parking technology is fully digital, cloud-based and touchless, it can be managed remotely at anytime from anywhere. This has eliminated a need for extra operational costs and enabled the hotel’s front-desk staff to manage all parking operations, from reservations, user permissions and revenue settings.

Kian Zarrinnam from The Hollywood Hotel, said a.Lot Parking provided solutions that fit the Hotel’s needs: “The Hollywood Hotel and a.Lot Parking became partners by listening to each other’s needs and ultimately fulfilling them now and into the future.”