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PayByPhone Brings Contactless Parking to the City of Denver, Colorado

April, 2021

Residents and visitors of the Denver, Colorado will now have a better parking experience thanks to PayByPhone. The company is expanding to over 6,000 on-street parking spaces across the city, now providing a contactless choice to drivers to pay for parking.

“Denver and other cities around the world are looking at parking more strategically – clearly understanding the impact of parking on its residents and visitors,” said Roamy Valera, CEO of PayByPhone. “We strive to bring our experience to our municipal partnerships to deliver a safe and frictionless parking experience for their municipalities and their drivers.”

“Denver is excited to introduce this technology to improve how the city manages parking” said Eulois Cleckley, DOTI Executive Director. “Not only will the new mobile payment system make it easier for people to pay for parking while supporting adjacent businesses, it’s a contact-free option during these times of COVID-19.”