Austrian Association of Garage & Service Stations

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Wiedner Hauptstraße 63 Wien 1045 Austria

Phone: 43 (0)5 90 900-3252/3240
Association Description

Within the WKO we are a modern, powerful and member-oriented representation of interests. Our employees see themselves as knowledge service providers, industry supporters, employer representatives and social partners who, in coordination with the member companies, actively position topics and think ahead for Austria as a business location.

Belgium Parking Federation

Avenue Louise 235


B1050 - Belgium

Phone: +32 490 650820

Dominique Laurent, Director; Dimitri Heirbaut, President

European Parking Association 

Association Description

The Belgian Parking Federation unites engineers, owners and operators of car parks in Belgium. The BPF :

  • Represents the car park sector at the various levels of government.
  • Informs its members and other interested parties on latest developments in the car park sector.
  • Researches into common challenges of its members and maps these challenges.

The Belgian Parking Federation keeps an overview on the market situation of the Belgian car park sector. BPF shares this information through dialogue with the various stakeholders and others that are interested in this information.

The Belgian Parking Federation represents the car park sector at the various governments, construction partners and many others. It also takes action in case of specific issues of its members.

The BPF is active on local, regional, national and European level. For the European Parking Association (EPA), the umbrella organisation of European parking associations, the BPF is the only representative of the Belgian sector. Through the European level the BPF maintains its good contacts with other European federations of the car park sector.

China Parking

Rm508 Yanxiang Mansion,2-2 Yanzishan Road,

Ji Nan , shan dong 250014

Phone: Tel 0086-531-8512040
Association Description

China Parking Network is the authoritative information portal of China's parking industry and China Parking Industry Information Center. The website was established in 2000 and is operated by Shandong Sanding Development Co., Ltd. and Jinan Bohu Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. China Parking Network reports the parking industry information, policy and market analysis from a professional perspective every day. It publishes more than 7,000 parking project bidding procurement information every year, and exclusively holds terminal market seminars such as hospital/road/airport/public parking/smart parking every year. Over 20 years of accumulation of parking industry data. At present, the daily average IP access of the website exceeds 6,000. The Chinese parking network WeChat public number has exceeded 20,000 fans, and is recognized as the authoritative media platform for the industry to understand the parking industry.

Croatian Parking Association

Subiceva 40/111 
HR-10000 Croatia
Phone: 00385-1-4501 700
President of Croatian Parking Association - Goran Bulat
Association Description

The Croatian Parking Association is the umbrella organization of all interested companies and individuals in the Republic of Croatia who are involved in organizing and regulating traffic at rest.

Due to the volume of traffic generated by the ever-increasing number of cars, the management of parking capacity has been imposed as a key theme for the underdeveloped life of every urban space.

Satisfaction with the needs of mobile individuals can only be achieved by continually pushing the development of technological solutions.

Cyprus: Vert Et Blanc Enterprises Ltd.

199, Chr. Hadjipavlou Ave.
P.O.Box 53346
3302 Limassol - Cyprus

Phone: +357 25 341 991
George Hadijigeorgiou
Association Description

Vert&Blanc Group of Companies is an adequately structured, multidisciplinary, consulting and engineering group ready to accomplish the needs of each client. We offer a complete planning, design engineering, project management and contract administration service, for projects ranging in size from the smallest schemes to large and complex turnkey contracts. We are one of the leading companies of Cyprus in the field of land-property development offering unique investment opportunities.

European Parking Association EPA

RichartzstrasseBe 10, 
D-50667 Köln Germany
Phone: +49 221 257 10 18

Elisabeth Herles, Communication Coordinator

Association Description

Umbrella organization of currently 22 national parking associations in Europe.
29 Associate Members.  

The European Parking Association (EPA), founded in 1983, is the umbrella organisation for European parking associations. The national member associations represent the parking sector which is consisting of private companies and public bodies that are operating and managing on- and off-street parking structures and services.

The associate members represent the supply industry that offers all related products and services concerned with parking. The EPA aims to facilitate cooperation between the professional parking organisations of different European countries, the exchange and mutual support of professional experience among members and may exert influence on measures and resolutions of the European Commission and other relevant international bodies relating to parking and urban mobility.

Finland: Finnish Parking Association

40100 Jyvaskyla
Hannu Leskinen
Association Description

Established in 1988, the Finnish Parking Association (SPY) collects car park operators in Finland and other operators within the same roof.

The association provides its members with advice on parking matters and strives to influence parking-related public issues and legislative solutions. The association is involved in the development of the field from design, economics and customer orientation. SPY is also involved in international operations. SPY is one of the founding members of the European Parking Association (EPA) and SPY has been a member of the Board since the founding of the association.

Great Britain: British Parking Association

Chelsea House
8-14 The Broadway, Haywards Heath

West Sussex 

RH16 3AH


Phone: 44 (0) 1444 447304
David Smith – Head of Public Affairs and Research
Association Description

The British Parking Association is a not for profit organisation, representing, promoting and influencing the parking and traffic management profession throughout the UK and Europe.  Our 700 members include manufacturers, car park operators, local authorities, health authorities, airports, railways, shopping centres, bailiffs and consultants.  We manage the Approved Operator Scheme for parking on private land and the Safer Parking Scheme.

Guadong Static Traffic Association

2608-2610, 26 F,R & F New World Center,

307 Middle Section of Guangzhou Ave.,

Yuexiu District, Guangzhou,P.R. China

Phone: +86 20 37158915

Amy Chen - Director of International Department

Guangdong Static Traffic Association       

Member Description

Founded in March 2016, GSTA is the first provincial-level Static Traffic Association in China, young and full of energy.

More than 100 members which mainly from the parking industry (automatic Parking Lot, parking app,intelligent parking facilities, navigation system, traffic signs), chargingpile industry (charging pile operators / manufacturer / service providers,the intelligent module) andinvestment and financing industry.

Our member companies are covering the whole industry chain.

We have established a wide range of contacts and cooperation with industry associations and Chambers of Commerce.

Hungarian Parking Association

Hungarian Parking Association 
4025 Debrecen, Piac Street 77.

Phone: +36 30 250-2800
Member Description

Istvan Nyikos, Chair; Ferenc Kocsis, Secretary

Association Description

Non-profit organisation to support URBAN MOBILITY and CITY PARKING MANAGEMENT across Hungary. The association is proud member of EPA (European Parking Association) and BPA (British Parking Association). Hungaropark is the leading platform for innovation and ideas related to better parking in Hungary.


Ferenc Aprad Kocsis MBA. MSc,

Irish Parking Parking Association

Unit 3, Barrowside Business ParkSleatly Road, Carlow Ireland
Phone: +353 59 9136886
Member Description

Keith Gavin, Chairman; St. John O’Gara, Secretary; David Cullen, Treasurer

Association Description

The Irish Parking Association was formed in 1995 in order to:

  • Be a forum for all car parking throughout Ireland, in order to facilitate discussion and exchange of information on professional issues at national level.
  • Be a driving force in improving the image of car parking in Ireland.
  • Organise lectures, conferences and workshops on professional parking.
  • Co-ordinate industry relations on a wide range of policy issues affecting car parking, including car park design, staff training, quality standards,construction, finance, taxation and regulation at both local and national levels.




parkingIRELAND Magazine (3-4 times p.a.)

Italian Parking Association - AIPARK

Viale Ungheria, 84
00039 Zagarolo (RM) - Italy

Phone: +39 06 9576245
Member Description

Massimo Vernetti, President; Carlo Bevilacqua, David Fornaiero, VP; Laurence A. Bannerman, Secretary General

Association Description

aims to promote and encourage the professional link between Members and the spread of the culture of stopping and parking. To that end:

  • develops initiatives for the collection and dissemination of information and exchange of experiences and the collaboration among the Members regarding the problems related to the stay;
  • coordinates and protects the interests of the category;
  • represents and promotes contractual solutions for employees in the sector and offers trade union assistance to Members;
  • promotes initiatives and activities aimed at developing the parking industry;
  • takes care of the development of regulations with the competent and national and international bodies and bodies;
  • promotes the examination of innovative technologies and the search for solutions to problems related to parking and to all the activities that are complementary and connected to it;
  • promotes collaboration with associations, including foreign states, and with international organizations.

Japan Parking Association

Association Description

We, Japan Parking Association, conduct, in concert with 20 regional parking associations, diverse activities in line with our basic policies which include cooperating with governmental policies concerning parking, trying to promote information exchange and relationships between Members, encouraging sound development in parking business and contributing to public interest.  We also:

  1. Provide guidance and advice for promoting and improving parking and parking business
  2. Carry out surveys and research into specific issues around parking and parking management
  3. Make proposals to the Japanese government about transport policy, parking regulations and urban planning
  4. Provide training opportunities for parking Professionals
  5.  Carry out public relations about specific issues on parking business in general, for instance, facilities’ maintenance, management and operation through activities such as publishing Association’s Bulletins “PARKING”

National Counsel of Professions CNPA

50, rue Rouget de Lisle 
92158 Suresnes Cedex FRANCE, 75008

Phone: 01 40 99 55 00
Association Description

The National Council of the Professions of the Automobile (CNPA) is an employers' organization, founded in 1902, to defend the interests of the companies of the distribution and the services of the automobile in France. It is the leading movement of entrepreneurs in the mobility trades: vehicle trading, fuel and new energy distribution, repair, recycling and all auto service offerings. 

In order to promote legislative and regulatory developments that are most favorable to the professions it represents, the CNPA maintains an ongoing dialogue with local, national and European public authorities. As the largest professional organization in the sector, the CNPA is the preferred interlocutor, associated with all the work carried out by the government, parliamentarians or the administration.

New Zealand Parking Association NZPA

C/- PO Box 21-555, Henderson, Auckland NZ

Phone: 0274556628
Member Description

Scott Ebbett, Chairperson; Stuart Goodman, Secretary

Association Description

The New Zealand Parking Association, (NZPA) was established in 1983. Membership has grown to include more than 80 members from local Authorities, Airport authorities, Car park owners and operators, Police, Trade Exhibitors and Training providers and continues to expand with new members from related industries. While the NZ Parking Association is New Zealand based, there are also Australian members.
The network of members countrywide provides a wealth of experience for problem sharing. Trade exhibitors provide up-to-date industry knowledge and technological trends for the efficient enforcement of parking.

Norway Parking Association - NorPark

Øvre Slottsgate 18-20

Oslo , 0157

Phone: +47 22421307
Association Description

Norpark is the industry association for all parking-related businesses, both for commercial and management purposes. Members may be municipalities, municipalities and private businesses that provide enforcement services, as well as private entities that supply goods and services within the area of employment.  Norpark is an important educational institution and holds professional courses for all employees who work with parking. In addition, the association provides legal assistance to members who wish. Norpark is also an important link between the players in the parking industry and public authorities. In particular, the contact with the Road Directorate and the Ministry of Transport and Communications is prioritized high.

Parking Association of Australia

PO Box 47, Douglas Park NSW 2569 Autralia
Phone: 1300 787 233 mobile 0401 410 242

Lorraine Duffy, lduffy@parking.asn.au, Chief Executive; Sharon Prior, president@parking.asn.au, President

Association Description

Parking Australia is the national body representing the interests of the parking industry in Australia. Our purpose is to provide leadership, education, technical and other information to all parties who may be associated with our industry. Since 1986, our association has represented a broad cross-section of local government and statutory authorities, car park management companies, equipment suppliers, consultants, property developers and property owners.


PACE - Parking Australia Conference & Exhibition (coming Nov 2018 held biennially)
OUTLOOK - Parking Australia Conference (coming in 2019 held biennially)

Polish Parking Associations

ul. Polna 52/1, Pozon
PL-60-533 Poland
Phone: +48 607982802
Association Description

The Polish Parking Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2005, bringing together the environment of road managers, designers and private entrepreneurs. Our role is to create a coherent platform across the country that will allow free and more explicit articulation of common interests. The activity of the Polish Parking Association is to a large extent involved in engaging and taking a position on matters of key importance for the members of the Association and taking measures to improve the operation of the parking industry.

We undertake mediation in a partnership formula between the members of the Association and other entities operating on the market. Based on the monitoring of public life, we analyze the collected information and prepare comprehensive change programs and we conduct public debates on their implementation.

Serbian Parking Association

Starine Novaka 22 Street

Belgrade , 11000

South Sudan
Phone: +38 11 3235 485
Website: www.ups.co.rs
Association Description

Serbian parking association came from the idea of cooperating by firms which occupation is organization of parking places, decoration, servicing and using parking places, as well as the similar jobs in the area of stationary traffic in the Serbia Republic. On the foundation assembly 18.12.2001. Members of the Serbian parking Association concluded the contract about establishing business association. For the president has been selected Slobodan Miljkovic . And his obligations are defined in the contract and by the statute. Goals of association pursue organizing business technical cooperation between members, standardization of equipment and tools as collective presentation in front of competent state organs and other institutions which help is necessary for solving the problems in stationary traffic.

Slovak Parking Association

Kosická 2

010 65

Phone: +421 (0)910 276 414
Association Description

The business activities.

  1. The association and cooperation between organizations, car park operators, city authorities, investors, and other stakeholder in parking.
  2. Mutual support:
    1. in legal, professional and trade issues
    2. b) common conceptual and organizational achievement
    3. c) when representing and presenting externally
  3. Creating conditions for effective cooperation between towns and villages, investors, suppliers and operators of car parks and parking facilities.
  4. Support the development of parking systems and equipment, and exchanging experiences through professional meetings, organizing and participating in conferences and contacts with foreign partners.
  5. The Association is authorized to carry out the activities, actions and business activities that will assist in achieving its objectives (expertise, recommendations, studies, etc.).
  6. Association following any political objectives. Its activities are not profit-oriented.
  7. Being a member of the European parking associations (EPA), respectively. and global organizations.

Spain Parking Association: ASESGA

Plaza de Santo Domingo 1, 1A

Madrid , E-28013

Phone: +34 91 5480416
Association Description

The Spanish Association of Parking and Garages (ASESGA) was born in 1977 promoted by the main private companies and concessionaires of Spain. Subsequently, all those companies that carry out their activities in the sector have been associated: municipal companies, resident car parks, surface car parks, professionals, garages.

Sweden Parking Association

PO Box: 5021 


Phone: +46 40 605 69 10
Member Description

Svenska Parkeringsföreningen

Association Description

The Swedish Parking Association, a non-profit association, edits ParkeringsNytt. The association consists of more than 70 members; municipal and private parking companies as well as other companies, administrations and other types of organisations that operate parking services.

The objective of The Swedish Parking Association is to take care of mutual interests within the business and work in behalf of development of the parking organisation from guidelines held in common. Our aim is to resolve the parking issues from the perspectives of accessibility and town planning where the customer is in the centre.

Swiss Parking: Parking Swiss

Wölflistrasse 5, Postfach 64

Bern 22 , 3000


Alain Deschenaux 

Giovanni Zen 

Association Description

The Swiss Parking Association and supports private and public parking garages for example parkingoperators, manufacturers and suppliers of parking guidance systems with any questions regaridng the topic of parking in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

Taiwan Parking Association

4F., No.53, Hejiang St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan 

Phone: +886-2-2517-1286
Association Description

Taiwan Parking Association (TPA) is a non-profit social organization founded in April 1991. TPA has a mix of influencers from the government, industry and academics. Many of TPA key functions consist of acting as a neutral party in facilitating communication between government, commercial and civil organization and uniting business owners to collectively advance the overall industry strength, raise the quality of parking system manufacturing process and to improve automobile parking facility management. To sustain its mission for a convenient and safe residential environment with parking capability and assist government in shaping public safety policy on equipment maintenance and inspection, TPA in recent years has been active overseas such as attending various international industry and urban traffic improvement conferences. In 2004, TPA became an official member of International Parking Association and represent Taiwan as a key stakeholder in strategy discussions, technology development, and improving commerce through information exchange.

The Netherlands Parking Association: Vexpan

Phone: +31 (0) 35 694 32 45.
Website: www.vexpan.nl
Association Description

Vexpan is the platform for parking in the Netherlands. Consultancy-, construction companies, service providers, municipalities, installation companies, operators and suppliers of parking equipment and project developers are all working within the parking industry and are part of Vexpan. All subjects related to parking have the full attention of Vexpan. These subjects could be about street parking, garages, free, paid parking, mechanical parking and parking equipment. 

Besides offering the communication platform, Vexpan also facilitates the practice of knowledge sharing within the industry. In addition Vexpan supports and develops the identity and image of the parking industry. Therefore Vexpan is the main contact for the public and private target groups, concerning everything about parking.