Canine Police Cars Parked with Engine Running

It has been noted that police with canine partners responding to an emergency (in San Diego) leave the critters in the cars, with the engines running. Some wag pointed out that the cars could be stolen. The police say that policy is to leave the engine running to keep the four legged cops cool. Here’s the police spokesperson’s (Officer Brown) response:

“There’s a police dog in it that will chew you up if you get inside it,” Brown said laughing. The dogs are very protective of their vehicles, even around other officers. So if a wanna-be thief jumps in and wants to try his/her luck? “They could try but they won’t get far,” she said.

Of course they would then sue the city and probably win the lawsuit…


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One Response to Canine Police Cars Parked with Engine Running

  1. Frank Fitz says:

    JVH…yes the engine is left runing to keep the dog cool or warm, depending on climate. K-9 patrol cars have an electronic device that allows the car to keep running with no key in the ignition. If some knucklehead breaks in and tries to steal the car, they’ll find the steering wheel locked. Some devices will even kill the engine if the brake pedal is pushed.
    And BTW, “Officer Brown” evidently hasn’t seen the inside of a K-9 patrol car in quite a while. Down here in San Diego the back seat of a K-9 patrol car is a secure area. The dog can’t get from the back seat to the front seat to “chew you up if you get inside.”

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