Confronting the issue of parking-lot ‘dings’

This Question always raises controversy. What do you do when you see someone “ding” your car with a shopping cart of their car door? Accost them, return in kind, escalate the situation with a baseball bat?

I have a slightly different approach. I think that your car is your problem. If you are so afraid that your Belchfire 12 will be dinged in the parking lot, don’t park in the parking lot. Park on street, or in that space half a block away in the corner that has a lot of extra room. Buy a beater to drive to the mall, and keep your “cherry” ride for impressing your next date.

There are some other things you can do. You can have your car “coated” with a clear coating. It will never need waxing and you will be protected from all but the very worst dings. Or, get a touch up kit and fix the dings when they happen. Its life – cars get dinged.

Of course, you should make it your policy to never ding another car. Put the shopping cart away where it belongs and park right in the middle of the space. If you have a Hummer or Navigator, realize that it’s not a compact and shouldn’t go in a compact space.

If the space is too small because some nincompoop parked too far to one side of his space, park somewhere else. If you park there, even if you are a size one and can get out of your car, he probably has been drinking beer for the past 30- years and simply can’t get into his without dinging you.

In the end, remember – it’s a car – rocks are going to ding the hood, birds are going to use it as a restroom, the dog is going to tear the upholstery.

I was helping park cars for an event last night and one fellow drove his car to the lowest level and parked in a space that was surrounded by columns – no car could get within five feet of his car, a beautiful new Bentley. He was no dummy.

But in the end, realize that have a meltdown over a ding isn’t worth it. Once its dinged, its dinged. What are you going to do? Have the door repainted and send the bill to the other guy? I think not. Zen out. Worry about the big problems. These little dings simply aren’t worth it.


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