Lamborghini Stolen From Wal Mart Parking Lot

Ok – nothing to see here, move along – except the headline. Why, might one ask, was a Lamborghini in a Wal Mart Parking Lot. I have seen Rolls at Costco, but Lamborghini at Wal Mart, please.

Seems it was being transported in a trailer and the trailer was hooked to a Blue Dodge Ram Truck (now we are getting somewhere). Both vehicles were recovered when the thieves discovered what they had stolen and realized they would be hunted down by gun toting sheriffs from Jackson…

Headlines like this warm my heart.


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One Response to Lamborghini Stolen From Wal Mart Parking Lot

  1. Michael Correro says:

    I am the guy who it was stolen from. The key to this story is I was standing on the passenger side of the trailer when they jumped in the truck and took off. I had just pulled in there to check the straps on the car and be on my way.

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