Patron Saint of Parking

At the risk of lightning bolts screaming out of a clear blue sky, I have to report on an in car air freshener that was given to me by an unnamed Canadian at a show in Australia while sitting with a Tasmanian and a nice lady from Philadelphia.

It was for the “Patron Saint of Parking, Saint Otto.” On the Front is a picture of the Saint, with a car in his arms and the legend – “St. Otto Puts you in your Place.” And “May your wait be short”

On the back it says “Your faith shall be rewarded” and leads on to the “Prayer to Saint Otto”.

My research says that this may be slightly over the top, but is listed high up on Google.

Other patron saints of parking may include

Saint (formerly sir) Lance of Lott.

St. Thomas – saint of all things lost, and who hasn’t lost their car. Some pray to the good saint to find them a spot.

Or St Boniface

Or Mother Cabrini, who is also the Saint of Immigrants



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