Tandem Parking Spaces Cause pain for the car owner that is blocked

Here is a blog screed about a person who shares tandem parking with a neighbor. She is constantly getting blocked in and the neighbor isn’t home to move his car. What to do, What to do?

She has tried to talk to the person and ask to exchange keys, but to no avail. He says he will stop but he doesn’t. Damn, these neighbors can be a real problem.

First – I would exchange cell phone numbers and then call him when you are blocked in. No matter where he is, he would begin to realize that he has inconvenienced you and would begin to see what the problem is.

Second – don’t hesitate to block him in. What’s sauce for the goose…

Third – Involve a third party – perhaps a friend of his that lives nearby, someone he trusts to move his car.

Fourth – Maybe you could hire a bonded valet company who would hold your keys and would move the cars when they are blocked.

Fifth – if he keeps it up, park in the space nearest the street and block his space when its empty. Explain to him that you REALLY need to get your car out and would be happy to move your car when he comes home so he can park in the “inner” space. He’ll get the idea.

I had this problem the other night when I was helping park cars for a local event. Half the spaces were tandem and everyone refused to park “next to the wall” and be blocked in. It was a real issue – I meant about a quarter of the available spaces couldn’t be used. I didn’t have a real solution that night, but in the future we can provide “valet assist” and then people that are “blocking” can leave their keys.


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